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Forest Edge Community Pool Fundraiser “Wine Survivor”

wine survivor

Forest Edge Community Pool is a quaint private pool in the heart of Westmount. In previous years, we have held many fundraisers pool side, but due to COVID, this is not possible this summer.

The Board of Directors at Forest Edge Community Pool are running this private fundraiser for our community pool to help cover the increased costs (and decreased revenue) due to the pandemic. To help keep memberships costs consistent, we are looking to raise some money and have some fun with “WINE SURVIVOR!”


Wine survivor is similar to the TV show but the prizes consist of wine! (Don’t drink wine, no problem, we can substitute with a gift card). Based on 100 participants, the prize distribution will be as follows (we will adjust once we know the final numbers).

5th Place = 10 Bottles of Wine 🍷
4th Place = 12 Bottles of Wine 🍷🍷
3rd Place = 18 Bottles of Wine 🍷🍷🍷
2nd Place = 20 Bottles of Wine🍷🍷🍷🍷
1st Place = 40 Bottles of Wine 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

Note: that the maximum prize for 1st place will be 50 bottles… we will add additional winners (6th place, 7th place, etc) to share the wealth, if we have great participation!


On Thursday July 23, 2020, we will communicate how many participants we have, and what the finalized prize model is.


Draws will begin on Friday July 24, 2020. Each night by a video posted to and/or Facebook page post for each draw. We will have a pool director/guard draw the names. First name drawn will receive immunity and will be safe from elimination for that day’s draw. Then we will draw 10 more names: those people will be eliminated from Wine Survivor!


For $10.00 , eliminated contestants will have TWO opportunities to “BUY BACK” into the contest. (completely optional, 100% of this money goes to the pool.)
The buy back must be done PRIOR to the next evening when new names are drawn. (send e-transfer to ) If you choose to NOT buy back, you are eliminated and no longer part of the game.


Beginning on Friday July 29, 2020 – the option to “buy back” in will be OVER!. At this time, we will reassess the number of contestants that will be eliminated each night. We will share this information once we know how many survivors we have left.

FINAL DRAW DATES (may be adjusted if we have more place finishers)

Final draws will happen on the following dates:
5th Place = Friday July 31, 2020
4th Place = Saturday Aug 1, 2020
3rd Place = Sunday Aug 2, 2020
2nd & 1st Place = Monday Aug 3, 2020

On Tuesday Aug 4, 2020 we will reach out to all winners & do our best to accommodate everyone's wine preference (“all white, all red, a mix, etc”) and arrange pick up / delivery asap. If you live outside of London (or don’t drink wine), we can prize you out with a gift card, so you can shop for your prize in your hometown!

By this date we will also share how much money we have raised for the pool.


The cost to participate is $40.00. Within that total, $25.00 will go directly to the pool to fund operations for the summer. The other $15.00 will go towards the prizes. (The more participants we have, the more chances to win!)

To register, send name, email address and phone number to

Please pay the $40.00 via e-transfer to

Registration is from Tuesday June 30 to Wednesday July 22, 2020.

Good luck and may the best survivor win!!


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