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Why Forest Edge Community Pool

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Our Vision

An exceptional community organization of choice that contributes to a healthy lifestyle, and provides families living in and near Westmount a safe, fun, and enjoyable place to belong.


Our Mission

The mission of the Forest Edge Community Pool is to provide member families with a place to belong, where everyone feels welcome, and has opportunity to participate in community driven activities that both support and create the heart of our community.


Our Values

At Forest Edge Community Pool, we foster a safe and caring community of choice that promotes healthy living, and positive family experience. Our warm atmosphere is welcoming, respectful, and enjoyable for all who attend. Our values, together with our member families position us as the Heartbeat of Westmount!



The Forest Edge Community Pool is situated at 427 Village Green Avenue in London Ontario.  The facility was built in 1969, and the Forest Edge Community Club (FECC) incorporated on October 29, 1969. FECC is a not for profit, member owned and operated community club focused on offering affordable fun that encourages healthy lifestyles for the entire family. The FECC pool is a hub of activity for families living in the area, and is fondly referred to as the Heartbeat of Westmount.



As a locally run community club we operate under the governance of a Board of eight Directors with members’ participation on a variety of committees. Ongoing volunteer support is required to ensure enjoyment and safety of our member families. FECC is sustained financially by membership fees, fundraising, and community partner support. Our objective is to advance the social, cultural and recreational interests of the members. Directors hold their positions for durations of one year or more, and elections are held each year at the Annual General Meeting in January.


Meet the Guard

The FECP is staffed with a minimum of two life guards during all hours of operations. Guards are selected after successfully completing a competitive process that occurs in April of each year. If you are interested in becoming a guard, please contact our President. To meet this year’s guard team please click here.

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